Lincoln City – The place I grew up…

Lincoln is a funny place to me. Until recently I always thought not much went on in this city, but I’ve found out that’s not the case. I mean there are some awesome things to do now. There’s the Comedy Feast at Lincoln Castle, 2Q festival which will be hitting Lincoln later in the year, and I’ve only recently started to venture to some super awesome coffee shops.

Before becoming a wedding photographer I was working in a factory – quite a well known crisp factory – and I didn’t really leave the house much. I was either too tired or had Noah and Darcie to look after, or was too happy to use that as an excuse. Now that I’ve not got a “typical job” and haven’t got a real strict work pattern, I’m able to see Lincoln in a different light. I can head into town with my camera and just people watch, catch up with friends and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee. I can go and see local bands and enjoy a bit more night life.

Lincoln is growing…

Lincoln’s a city that’s growing. I mean that literally and figuratively. With doing photography and having the time to walk around this city I am taking the time to look at things differently. Looking at the things that make Lincoln amazing, and also the things that people don’t tend to see every day. Exploring the areas of the city that I’ve walked past every day growing up and had taken for granted. It’s exciting seeing the changes that are happening over time, and I cannot wait to see what this city is like in another 30 years.

Lincoln City - The Place I Grew Up Lincoln City - The Place I Grew Up Lincoln City - The Place I Grew Up Lincoln City - The Place I Grew Up Lincoln City - The Place I Grew Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about Lincoln City. Keep an eye out for more like this on my personal journal. And please if you have any thought’s about this post feel free to comment!