A Historic Wedding at The Guildhall in the Stonebow!

Emily & Ben have been lucky enough to be the only people to get married in the Stonebow!

If you’re not from Lincoln you probably won’t know what the Stonebow is. The Stonebow is where everyone meets in the city center. It’s hard not to see it. It’s big, imposing and rife with history. This is where the Mayor of Lincoln holds important council meetings, and where the Mayor’s Chains of Office and Posy Ring are kept.

The building itself was constructed in 1520, and has been used ever since.

The Importance of this Venue

The reason Emily & Ben chose this venue is because Ben’s father was a previous Mayor of Lincoln. Sadly Ben’s dad had passed away some years ago, so it was their way of incorporating him into the wedding, both physically and spiritually. They were married just in front of the Mayor’s seat at the top of the Council table, where Ben’s dad would have once sat hosting one of the important Council proceedings.

It’s not just the venue that holds special meaning to Emily & Ben, it’s also the date – the 16th December. As 67 years ago this day Emily’s Grandparents got married, and it was a way to honor Emily’s Grandpa.

The Wedding Breakfast

Ben & Emily really wanted to keep the whole day about “history”. So they chose The Wig and Mitre to host their wedding breakfast. The Wig & Mitre is a traditional English pub situated in the heart of historic Lincoln, in the Cathedral Quarter on an aptly named Steep Hill. Here is where the speeches took place. Emily started proceedings with an emotional speech, which was then followed by her Father. After was the turn of Emily’s “Man of Honour” Jord, who invented a game in which guests had to guess wether or not Emily had said certain made up words. For exapmle one of the words was “Aerodiversity”. The guests then had to hold up Green cards for true, or Red cards for false. Needless to say the answer was almost always true!

The Reception Venue

So Ben & Emily wanted to have a venue for the reception that meant something to them. And what better place than where they met and now work together, Bishop Grosseteste University. Which as just had a new function room built with a massive window at one end, which host’s views of cultural Lincoln. The idea about filling this space was inspired by Lincoln’s Christmas Market. One of the biggest in Europe. They had different stalls down one side of the venue. One of the stalls was Madame Waffle. Yum!


Thank you both for making my final wedding of the year the best one of the year!!


The first ever wedding at the Historic Lincoln Stonebow and Guildhall

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