HEY I'M KEV...

      I'm a wedding photographer/photojournalist currently living in Lincoln. I'm a father to two amazing people - Noah and Darcie, and our black cat - Vince Noir (massive Mighty Boosh fan), and our newest addition, Axel (our Border Terrier). Noah & Darcie are two awesome little humans who bring me joy, laughter and grey hair. I also live with my wife Katie, who is a very compassionate person. When she's not busy saving people's lives working as a nurse in the NHS, she's busy looking after our family!

      The reason I became a wedding photographer is down to the fact I genuinely LOVE doing it!! I get a weird, warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I capture a couples day.

      Throughout my career as a wedding photographer I have been fortunate enough to work with some truly awesome people. I mean every couple I work with are awesome! Aside from the couples I've worked with I have produced work for an LA based dress shop, Simply Bridal, and I have been featured on numerous wedding blogs such as; Boho Weddings, Whimsical Wedding Wonderland, English Wedding Blog, So You're Getting Married, and my greatest achievement so far, Rock My Wedding.

      I'm all about capturing your wedding day with no interference and no influence on my part.



      The couples who hire me are the kind of people who don't want to be bossed about. They just want to enjoy the day without some weird guy they've only met a handful of times telling them what to do, and when to do it...

      I like to attract people like me. Chilled, relaxed and just want to have a great time.

      If you want to throw tradition out the window, and have a wedding that is entirely your personality, I think we're going to be a great fit.

      I want to collaborate with my couples, not dictate how your day should be...

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      Although I have a passion for Heavy rock I also like other types of music. Ranging from rap to death metal. I like to be open minded about music.

      Some of the greatest albums of all time were released in the same year I was born - 1987. The Cure - Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me , Micheal Jackson - Bad, and my personal favourite Guns 'n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction.

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      I LIKE

      to explore the country I live in. There are so many different places to visit. Each offering something new to capture. I like to explore away from the beaten track.

      to visit the sea. I always feel at ease at the coast, it must be the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salt in the air, and also the fish and chips is a bonus.

      to listen to local bands, and go to their gigs.

      hanging out with my friends and listening to vinyl, finding new bands to enjoy.

      binge watching anything on netflix.

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      pineapple on pizza, and generally pineapple all together. It's just gross!

      narrow minded views towards different races, cultures and religions.

      snapping my board!

      working to a shot list or recreating a Pinterest board. (I like to be inspired by your love.)


      "Kev integrated himself amongst our guests and disappeared into the crowds like some bearded ninja, laughing and dancing with everybody else. He wasn't just our photographer, he was a guest - counted amongst our closest, nearest and dearest, and as much a part of our day as everybody else we shared it with."

      Kev Elkins Wedding Photography - about me page, testimonial.

      "You are so god damn talented!! They are absolutely incredible and honestly you are so gifted Kev. You get some seriously cool angles and compositions. I'm in awe of your work."

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